SaffireControl 2.5

10 Dec 2007

IMPORTANT: Windows 7 users should note that legacy firewire drivers should be installed BEFORE connecting and installing ANY Saffire devices on their system. Please visit the answerbase for details on how to do this. Mac OS -SaffireControl 2.5 -Saffire firmware 2.2 (7869) -Saffire DSP firmware v1.1 (7865) Windows XP & Vista (All versions) -SaffireControl 2.5r2 -Saffire firmware 2.2 (7869) -Saffire DSP firmware v1.1 (7865) -ASIO & WDM drivers 2.45 NOTE: Once you have installed the Saffire software and drivers, you will also need to run the firmware update. The firmware updater can be found in Program FilesSaffire on Windows or in /Applications/Saffire on Mac OS. Release Notes Saffire 2.5r2 - Windows - Fixed a crash in SaffireControl upon closing of effects Saffire 2.5 - Windows & OSX -Fixed a problem with the DSP firmware update. Saffire 2.4 - Windows -Now compatible with Vista 64bit Saffire 2.3 - Windows -co-installer added, allowing for easier re-installation -added support for Vista 32bit Saffire 2.3 - Mac OS -Fixed a problem with syncing to SPDIF -Added metering disable option to the contextual menu