RedNet 6 Firmware 582

14 Jan 2014

Firmware update for RedNet 6 only. Please note this supercedes automatically deployed firmware version distributed with RedNet Control v1.2. Fixes following bugs:

  • 241741 – When RedNet 6 SRC was clocked to Word Clock input, corrupt MADI data could be transmitted
  • 220335 – RedNet 6 does not retain clock source selection on power cycle

To update RedNet 6 firmware, follow these instructions:

  • Extract the firmware file from "RedNet 6 Firmware"
  • Launch RedNet Control
  • Right click on the virtual RedNet 6 device panel
  • Select Firmware Update...
  • Choose the extracted file: "RedNet 6 Firmware 582.dnt"
  • Wait for firmware update process to complete. Do not switch off or disconnect the device.
  • After firmware flashing is complete, the unit will reboot
  • The unit will now be updated and ready to use