Installing Liquid Mix from the DVD

If you purchased your Liquid Mix after the release of the PC software and drivers, it will include the new Liquid
Mix 1.5 DVD for both Mac and PC users. This DVD contains the Liquid Mix software and drivers, Documentation, and
Emulation files. If you have an older installer DVD which contains only the Mac software, you will need to
download the web installer and emulations here.

If you are installing Liquid Mix from the DVD, it is essential that check for any later updates which may be available on
our website here

Installing Liquid Mix on your PC from the DVD

Follow the steps below to complete installation with the Liquid Mix DVD.

  1. Connect the Liquid Mix to your PC. If your firewire port is the smaller 4-pin type, you will also need
    to connect the Liquid Mix power supply. When Liquid Mix hardware is detected you should see the "Found New
    Hardware" window appear, as shown below. Leave this window open without pressing "Next" for the time being
    and move onto step 2.


  2. Insert the Liquid Mix DVD. It should autorun. If you have autorun turned off,
    you can launch the installer by double clicking on the disc icon. Follow the instructions
    onscreen. You can customize your installation options, as shown below.


  3. The installer detects the path to your VST plugins directory and sets this as the
    default location to install the Liquid Mix plugins. If you would like to install the plugins
    in a different location, you can change this path on the page shown below.

    LM VST location.JPG

  4. Continue following the onscreen instructions and click "Install" to install the
    Liquid Mix software. This will copy the Liquid Mix resources to your PC
    (including the Emulation files). Once this has finished, you will see the
    driver installation page. At this point you should click "Next" in the
    "Found New Hardware" window


  5. Windows will now install the driver. This may take a few minutes. When driver installation
    is complete, you will see the page below. Click "Finish" to finalize the driver installation
    and then click "Next" on the Installer to complete installation.

    LM Driver Installed.JPG

  6. Installation is now complete. You will see the page below. Click "Finish" to close the window.

    LM Install Finished.JPG