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Scarlett 6i6 usb audio interface

Scarlett 6i6
6 in / 6 out USB 2.0 audio interface with two Focusrite mic preamps


Scarlett 18i20 and Ableton Live Lite

Ableton Live Lite

Innovative music production software used by industry professionals all over the world. Ableton Live includes a unique performance feature as well as being a fully functioning DAW.

Scarlett 18i20 and Scarlett MixControl

Scarlett MixControl

An 6 x 6 DSP mixer. Offering a superb level of flexibility, MixControl software enables you to create six separate mixes with ultra-low-latency.

Scarlett 18i20 Scarlett Plug-in Suite

Scarlett Plug-in Suite

VST/AU/RTAS Plug-in Suite comes in the box, adding Focusrite compression, reverb, gating and EQ to your recording system.

Scarlett 18i20 and Novation Bass Station

Novation Bass Station

The legendary analogue mono-synth from Novation in software form - AU/VST plug-in for your DAW.

Scarlett 18i20 and Loopmasters


1 gig of royalty-free samples from the world's leading sample production organisation - Loopmasters.