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Spring UK Winners

Congratulations to the "Spring" Winners ..

Winners announced daily excluding weekends and bank holidays when winners will be announced next working day.

First draw is 15th April 2014. Last draw is 3rd June 2014. There will be 50 "Spring" Winners.

  • Winner No.1 (15th April): Keith Neill who purchased a Focusrite Forte from Andertons Music in Guildford
  • Winner No.2 (16th April): Paul Loring  who purchased a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 from gear4music in York
  • Winner No.3 (17th April): Kevin Faher who purchased a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 from GAK in Brighton
  • Winner No.4 (18th April): 
  • Winner No.5 (19th April): 
  • Winner No.6 (20th April):
  • Winner No.7 (21st April): 
  • Winner No.8 (22nd April): 
  • Winner No.9 (23rd April): 
  • Winner No.10 (24th April): 
  • Winner No.11 (25th April): 
  • Winner No.12 (26th April):
  • Winner No.13 (27th April) 
  • Winner No.14 (28th April): 
  • Winner No.15 (29th April): 
  • Winner No.16 (30th April): 
  • Winner No.17 (1st May): 
  • Winner No.18 (2nd May):
  • Winner No.19 (3rd May): 
  • Winner No.20 (4th May): 
  • Winner No.21 (5th May): 
  • Winner No.22 (6th May): 
  • Winner No.23 (7th May): 
  • Winner No.24 (8th May): 
  • Winner No.25 (9th May): 
  • Winner No.26 (10th May): 
  • Winner No.27 (11th May): 
  • Winner No.28 (12th May): 
  • Winner No.29 (13th May): 
  • Winner No.30 (14th May): 
  • Winner No.31 (15th May): 
  • Winner No.32 (16th May): 
  • Winner No.33 (17th May): 
  • Winner No.34 (18th May): 
  • Winner No.35 (19th May):
  • Winner No.36 (20th May): 
  • Winner No.37 (21st May): 
  • Winner No.38 (22nd May): 
  • Winner No.39 (23rd May): 
  • Winner No.40 (24th May): 
  • Winner No.41 (25th May): 
  • Winner No.42 (26th May): 
  • Winner No.43 (27th May): 
  • Winner No.44 (28th May): 
  • Winner No.45 (29th May): 
  • Winner No.46 (30th May): 
  • Winner No.47 (31st May): 
  • Winner No.48 (1st June): 
  • Winner No.49 (2nd June): 
  • Winner No.50 (3rd June): 

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