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Rednet FAQ

Q: Can I route audio directly from one RedNet interface, such as RedNet 4 to another interface such as RedNet 1?


Yes, any Dante transmitter can be routed to any Dante receiver. This means that devices can be routed directly to each other, and once the routing is made, the devices will retain that routing. They will continue to communicate with each other, whether or not a computer is connected to the network. Changes to the routing configuration must be made on a computer.

Q: Can I route one signal to many destinations on the network?


Yes, one signal from a single Dante device can be received multiple times, across different devices. Great for splitting the same signal to different physical destinations.

Q: Can RedNet coexist with other Dante devices?


Yes, all Dante devices can communicate with each other if they are connected to the same network. Routing between RedNet and other Dante devices can be achieved in Dante Controller.

Q: Can RedNet/Dante traffic coexist with other non-audio network traffic?


Yes, however it is recommended that where possible, dedicated audio networks are used. For mixed traffic networks, it is extremely important the managed network switch is properly configured. Please see our EtherNet Switch Requirements page for further information on configuring switches.

Q: Does RedNet Control have to run on the same computer as my DAW?


RedNet Control can be on any compatible computer on the network, however in order to change settings related a RedNet PCIe card, it must be on the same computer in which that RedNet PCIe card is installed.

Q: How many channels can be run on a RedNet or Dante network?


There is no artificial limit to the number of channels that the network can contain, however a single Gigabit Ethernet link can handle up to 512 channels bi-directionally at 48 kHz. Host devices like the RedNet PCIe card and Dante Virtual Soundcard have their own maximum channel count. See 'How can I connect a 'RedNet system to my computer?' for more details.

Q: If I am using RedNet 5 with Pro Tools | HD, do I need RedNet PCIe?


No. RedNet PCIe is not required when using RedNet 5 as RedNet 5 connects directly to an HD card via the Digilink or Mini Digilink cable. The RedNet PCIe card can exist on the same network though, and can even be used on the same computer for use in other DAWs besides Pro Tools|HD. In this scenario, routing must be made in Dante Controller.

Q: Is it possible to have devices operating on the same network at different sample rates?


Yes. However for audio to be routed between two devices they must be operating at the same sample rate.