Mic Pres

Focusrite was created in 1985, when console design legend Rupert Neve was approached by Sir George Martin to create new modules for the AIR Studios consoles. The resulting ISA (Input Signal Amplifier) modules formed the foundation for 30 years of microphone preamp and signal processing development – from the ISA One to the Liquid Channel, and the legendary Focusrite Heritage Sound that lies behind hundreds of hits from the world’s leading studios. Make that sound your own with these modules – classics in themselves.

Eight channel mic pre and AD/DA converter
Eight Focusrite mic pres with compression and excellent A-D & D-A conversion
Eight transparent mic pres with precision A-D conversion – ideal for expanding input capability
Focusrite’s sought-after 1993 Red Range mic preamp returns, in the popular ‘lunchbox’ format
The entire Focusrite Heritage Sound in one unit: mic pre, EQ, VCA/optical compressor, expander/gate and de-esser
The classic Focusrite microphone preamp with independent DI and optional precision A-D
Every mic pre and compressor combination in history, accurately emulated in a unique digital channel strip
Two independent heritage microphone preamps from the original ISA 110 module designs
Four of Focusrite’s renowned mic preamps, instrument and line inputs with optional precision A-D
Eight heritage transformer-based mic preamps, instrument and line inputs and optional 192kHz A-D