Scarlett Solo for Singer/Songwriter, Scarlett 2i4 for Producer/DJ's, Scarlett 6i6 for Duos and Trios

Focusrite Saffire Celebration

Joe Chiccarelli and Red 1 500


Billboard-topping five-piece rock Band Young Guns talk to us about how the simplicity and quality of Focusrite has helped them to attain "a whole new level".

Acclaimed producer-mixer uses RedNet hardware for Springsteen’s recent High Hopes LP and other projects

"The more I push it, the more punch I get, and it sounds amazing."

Immersive audio arts program adds two RedNet 5 HD interfaces for Pro Tools® and three RedNet 2 16-channel analog interfaces.

"Having the best gear is a must and you can't have any less! These sound cards are perfect for the job; they have never let me down."