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RedNet D16 AES

User Guides

RedNet D16 Architect Spec
RedNet Getting Started Guide
RedNet D16 AES User Guide
RedNet Installation Guide 1.1
RedNet System User Guide 1.0
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This user guide covers the main elements of the RedNet Digital Audio Networking system.


RedNet Control 1.3
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RedNet Control 1.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • Introduced support for RedNet D16 AES
  • Two-stage updater for RedNet PCIe firmware
  • Updated Brooklyn firmware
  • Brooklyn 1: v604 (3.4.26/3.3.6)
  • Brooklyn 2: v604 (
  • General stability and performance of device discovery improved
  • Thunderbolt chassis support for RedNet PCIe (Mac OS X)
  • MIDI Control for RedNet 4 (see MIDI Control user guide)
  • Updated Dante API
  • Updated Dante Controller to 3.5.2 (Mac) and (Win)
  • Updated PCIe firmware to 3.7 (
  • Updated PCIe OS X driver to
  • Updated PCIe Windows driver to
  • RedNet 4: All input types now have gain starting from 0dB

Bug fixes:

  • RedNet 5 now retains clock source selection on power cycle
  • RedNet 6 SRC clocking to Word Clock with no MADI Input error resolved
  • RedNet 4 will now remember channel names in RedNet Control
  • Issue where multiple applications accessing Core Audio driver caused unstable audio performance has been fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes

Important notes:

The new RedNet PCIe driver is not compatible with old PCIe device firmware. Thus the latest version of firmware is required.
Change to RedNet PCIe Driver installation (Mac)
RedNet PCIe drivers are now installed by running a separate package, which is located in the RedNet Control installer dmg. If you do not use RedNet PCIe, then there is no need to install the driver.

Supported Thunderbolt Chassis (Mac)

The following Thunderbolt chassis are supported for use with RedNet PCIe and Mac OS X:


  • ExpressBox 1t
  • ExpressBox 3t


  • Echo Express SE

Other Thunderbolt chassis have not been tested by Focusrite but may well work.

Please note, it is recommended to power your chassis after starting the host computer and to power cycle the chassis when restarting your computer. 

Known Issues:

  • After switching host mode an error dialog may appear when changing routings. To alleviate this, restart RedNet Control
  • The on-screen size of the RedNet 5 area is not remembered between sessions, or after switching host mode
  • When switching RedNet 5 to Expansion Mode the GUI will not update until the unit's virtual panel is collapsed and expanded again
  • Defaults message from Pro Tools does not clear linked channels on RedNet 4
  • RedNet Control can return a "Firmware failure" notification after running a firmware update. Firmware update may have been successful but will not be evident until unit is power-cycled.
  • It's possible for RedNet Control GUI to display values of 1–7dB for RedNet 4 when controlled via SysEx. The gain on the unit will still be 0dB or 8dB
  • During installation, a dialog can appear from Audinate's "Dante Control and Monitoring Installer" about firewall settings on Windows 8. Please manually confirm your firewall settings allow Dante Control & Monitoring through the firewall

Supporting Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X
    • 10.7.x (Lion)
    • 10.8.x (Mountain Lion)
    • 10.9.x (Mavericks)
  • Windows
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8