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RedNet Events and Consultation


RedNet 5

User Guides

RedNet Installation Guide 1.0
RedNet French Safety Instructions
RedNet Brochure
RedNet System User Guide 1.0
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This user guide covers the main elements of the RedNet Digital Audio Networking system.


RedNet Control
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New Features and Fixes for RedNet Control 1.1

Updates affecting all users:

• Addition of Host Mode options
    • RedNet 5: Use this for routing and controlling RedNet 5 units in a Pro Tools HD workflow
    • PCIe/DVS: Use this for routing to/from RedNet PCIe or DVS
• RedNet interface firmware update
    • Fixes distortion/silence issue when receiving audio from DVS at 96kHz

Updates affecting RedNet 5 users since RedNet Control 1.1b:

• RedNet 5 units are now discovered following a switch of Host Mode to RedNet 5 mode

• The RedNet 5 pane no longer displays in PCIe mode

Notes for Windows users

Unless you Run as Administrator, settings are forgotten between sessions. Please start RedNet Control by right-clicking on the application icon and choosing Run as Administrator.

Notes for Mac users

The discovery of a new RedNet unit will cause any collapsed GUI panels to expand

Known Issues

• After switching host mode an error dialog may appear when changing routings. To alleviate this, restart RedNet Control

• The on-screen size of the RedNet 5 area is not remembered between sessions, or after switching host mode

• When switching RedNet 5 to Expansion Mode the GUI will not update until the unit's virtual panel is collapsed and expanded again