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SaffireControl Pro 2.6
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- Includes native 1394 driver support for the Saffire Pro 10 and Saffire Pro 26 on Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. For more information about this, please visit theĀ Focusrite Answerbase.

- Adds Pro Tools 9 Windows compatibility
- Fixes a driver signing issue in Windows 7 64-bit
SaffireControl Pro 2.5
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This release adds native 1394 driver support for the Saffire Pro 10 and Saffire Pro 26 on Windows 7 32bit and 64bit, as well as additional minor bug fixes. For more information about this, please visit the Focusrite Answerbase.

Version 2.3 (Legacy PRO 26 and 10)
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This download is for the legacy Saffire Pro 26 I/O and Saffire Pro 10. If you're looking for the downloads for the newer Saffire Pro 26 please select "Saffire Pro 26" from the downloads list instead.

VERSION INFO Mac (Universal Binary) -SaffireControl PRO 2.3.8404 -Saffire PRO Firmware 2.1.8386 Windows XP (All versions) & Vista (All versions) -SaffireControl PRO 2.3.8467 -Saffire PRO Firmware 2.1.8386 -Saffire PRO Drivers 2.44 IMPORTANT: Windows 7 users should note that legacy firewire drivers should be installed BEFORE connecting and installing ANY Saffire devices on their system. Please visit the answerbase for details on how to do this. RELEASE NOTES Saffire PRO 2.3 resolves an issue with the firmware updater in Mac OS Leopard and Windows XP service pack 3 Saffire PRO version 2 includes several major changes including: - Hardware Monitoring - Digital Output Monitoring - "Desired" and "Active" digital sync states Important Installation/Updating Information! Please follow the steps below to update your Saffire PRO firmware and drivers: Mac OS Users: 1. Connect your Saffire PRO. 2. Run the 'Saffire PRO' installer. 3. Run the firmware update which appears at the end of the installation process. 4. Restart your Mac. Windows Users: 1. Run "Saffire PRO 2.3.exe". 2. The installer will guide you through the installation/update process. 3. Following driver installation, select the "Update Saffire PRO firmware" option during the last step in the installer. 4. If not already connected, connect and power up your Saffire PRO before running the firmware update. 5. When the firmware updater launches, press update to begin updating the firmware. 6. When firmware update is complete, you may need to reboot your PC for the changes to take effect. The firmware and driver update should now be complete! If you accidentally skip the firmware update at the end of installation, you can run the update from within SaffireControl PRO by selecting 'Update Firmware...' from the 'Hardware' menu.

Saffire PRO Session Presets
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These presets allow for easy setup for complex recording sessions at all sample rates and and with a variety of digital input/output configurations


Saffire PRO 10 I/O Brochure

Technical Docs

FireWire safety when plugging and unplugging devices
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This article explains the steps necessary to safely plug in and unplug your FireWire devices without causing damage to the device or your computer.

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