Introducing Clarett…

Got Thunderbolt? Looking for an audio interface? Then check out Focusrite’s Clarett range of Thunderbolt audio interfaces. Better, faster and easier, they feature specially-designed high-performance, low noise (-128dB EIN) mic pres with a new low distortion, ultra-linear design that guarantees a clean, open and transparent sound, giving accurate representation of the original performance. Plus they include the unique analogue “Air” effect, emulating the sound of Focusrite’s classic transformer-based mic preamps.

Clarett 2Pre, 4Pre, 8Pre and 8PreX models include two, four and eight preamps respectively – there’s sure to be one that precisely matches your needs.

Clarett 8PreX - The better, faster, easier 26x28 Thunderbolt Interface
Clarett 8PreX

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Every Clarett Thunderbolt audio interface includes Focusrite precision 24-bit digital conversion with up to 119dB dynamic range and 192kHz sampling – ideal for hi-res audio. And thanks to its low latency design and the inbuilt speed of the Thunderbolt interface, Clarett offers just 1.67ms round-trip latency*. What does low latency like this mean? It means that instead of having to build two different mixes – one using input monitoring to overdub, the other using the DAW for playback – you can now create a single DAW mix and use it all the time, whether you’re overdubbing or playing back, with all your favourite plug-ins in place. At last, there’s no need for expensive outboard DSP or special plug-ins; no need for additional cue mix utilities: you simply set up one mix on your DAW and record, overdub and mix – it’s that simple. Hear your favourite reverb on vocals as you record; play through your favourite amp simulator in real time, or even perform with virtual instruments live on stage – without changing a thing. It’s a whole new, better, easier and faster way to work: it’s Clarett, by Focusrite.

In addition to the hardware, each Clarett includes a comprehensive software package. Focusrite Control is our brand new software mixer. Simple and intuitive to use, it offers a traditional mixer workflow while allowing immediate access to Clarett hardware functions. Also included is a sweet sounding plug-in collection comprising Softube's world-class Time and Tone Bundle, with TSAR-1R Reverb, Tube Delay and Saturation Knob. This is complemented by the Red 2 & Red 3 AAX, AU & VST Plug-in Suite, which accurately models Focusrite's classic Red range equalizer and compressor hardware.

If you’ve got Thunderbolt, we’ve got a Clarett Thunderbolt audio interface for you.

Focusrite Clarett Range at a Glance

  • New Clarett preamps model the classic ISA design
  • Mic Pre EIN = -128dB
  • World class dynamic range: 118dB A/D and 119dB D/A
  • Latest Thunderbolt technology ensures extra low round trip latency
  • 24bit, 192kHz sample rates
  • Flagship Clarett 8PreX designed for permanent professional studio install
  • New 64-bit AAX, AU and VST compatible Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite
  • Detailed metering
  • All expandable over ADAT
  • Includes MIDI I/O

Please visit our OS Compatibility Checker for more information on supported operating systems.

*Logic Pro X @ 96kHz, 32-sample buffer – click here for the full latency chart