MIDI notes in Cubase are getting recorded to the start of the MIDI clip.

If you are recording MIDI data into Cubase through the Saffire MIDI in port and find that it is all being recorded to the start of the MIDI clip then follow these steps to fix the problem:

1. Update your version of Cubase to the latest version (updates available from www.steinberg.de).

2. Browse to the Cubase SL/SX application folder (usually C:Program FilesSteinbergCubase SL/SX) and locate the folder "MIDI Port Enabler".

3. Open this folder.

4. Pick the file "ignoreportfilter" and move it into the Cubase SL/SX application folder (one directory up).

5. Start Cubase. You will now see 'Focusrite Saffire' and 'Focusrite Saffire [Emulated]' as available MIDI ports.

6. Select 'Device Setup...' from the 'Devices' menu.

7. Go to the 'Default MIDI Ports' page and set 'Focusrite Saffire [Emulated]' as both input and output.

8. Go to the 'All MIDI Inputs' page and make sure 'Focusrite Saffire' is not active and 'Focusrite Saffire [Emulated]' is activated (click on 'Yes' or 'No' in the 'Active' column to change it).

9. Go to the 'DirectMusic' page and check the 'Use System Timestamp' box.

10. Click 'Apply' and then 'OK' to exit Device Setup.